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November 14 2017


Advantage analysis principle of vertical roller mill

vertical roller mill machine in the production line should not be underestimated, also becomes more and more important, the vertical roller mill specifications can be divided into many kinds, of course according to different material requirements, different yield will be equipped with crusher is different, of course, after the selected end manufacturers, professional manufacturers will be equipped with professional and technical personnel give some guidance, therefore, to understand the relevant knowledge of vertical roller mill for customers is very important.

This illustrates, vertical roller mill prices may only second factors, high efficiency and high quality customers want most is the equipment, because of high efficiency and low consumption equipment can bring greater benefits to the customers, at the same time, vertical crusher because it can meet the requirements of environmental protection, caused by dust pollution is very little, so very popular, compared with crusher is similar, with high crushing rate, less abrasion, low noise, convenient maintenance and many other advantages, when customers purchase play vertical crusher, vertical crusher will find principle is not complex, but the full automatic operation of the device is very convenient. Therefore, with the rapid development of Chinese cities, believe that vertical crusher market will be more clear.

November 10 2017


the speed of ore milling equipment

ore milling equipment is a large thermal power plant to improve the efficiency of coal an important means, so the role of ore milling equipment for the general power plant is very important. ore milling equipment parts high and low speed, put the mill into three different types, of which the power plant in the most commonly used pulverizer, so the correct installation of the mill is very important.

The main ore milling equipment is the coal in the machine in the coal first sent to the ore milling equipment into the pulverized coal, and then through the conveyor belt will be driven by hot air into the exhaust fan, and then into the boiler furnace Internal combustion, which is the general working principle of the mill. ore milling equipment is an important guarantee for the full combustion of pulverized coal in power generation, so the construction of ore milling equipment is particularly critical.

General power plant in the speed of ore milling equipment speed is generally 40 ~ 300r / min or so, and compact structure covers an area of ​​small, more efficient operation of energy saving and environmental protection, is currently in the thermal power plant using one of the most widely used, so control Personnel also need to have a simple knowledge of medium speed ore milling equipment maintenance. The ore milling equipment is an important equipment in the coal-fired power plant of the thermal power plant. The safety and stability of the ore milling equipment are directly related to the whole work of the whole thermal power unit.

November 01 2017


ore milling equipment spare parts

Therefore, the choice of the medium-speed mill is very important The Power plant in the speed of the mill's 'trial delivery of the tile' refers to the power plant medium-speed mill of the Ukrainian bearing in more than 60 ℃ high temperature work to maintain a stable state, not because the bearing temperature and export lubricants temperature Of the high temperature and lead to vibration at the bearing seat and then melt, there is power plant in the speed of ore milling equipment operation 'of the tile' phenomenon.

Only the power plant in the speed of ore milling equipment 'trial operation of the tile', in order to allow the entire fire power unit safe operation In addition, the medium-speed mill spare parts in the selection of the work process, the fine grinding of coal powder is also related to the The power of the power plant is burning. In the power plant after the speed of the mill to complete the grinding and grinding work, will be through the heat of the coal into the boiler, and then the coal combustion in the boiler after the formation of hot flue gas will flow along the boiler to exotherm, follow-up Coal ash separation. Power plant mill speed grinding mill grinding efficiency and fine degree has a good guarantee, then easier, the coal in the boiler full combustion, but also can improve the utilization of coal and reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.

October 31 2017


the realization of the continuous operation

In addition to computer operation and automation control mentioned above, the mobile crushing station in coal dressing has a distinct advantage can be equipped with single power group, if a sudden power outage, crushing station can still continue to work, the realization of the continuous operation of production line. 

Compared with the same industry equipment, station price advantage is also evident broken construction waste crusher, and ordinary compared to crushing production line, production capacity is increased by 40% and the equipment investment can be reduced 20%. Developed countries in Europe and America, station performance advantage by virtue of its mobile convenience, environmental protection and efficient mobile crushing, used in the construction waste crusher market share abroad reached 60%-70%. 

Opencast construction waste crusher can be used in the development of coal, believe that will bring great economic benefit, led the mining industry usher in a new world, continue to maintain the leading in the development process of traditional energy.

October 27 2017


sand making machine assisted highway construction

Related news reports, Twelfth Five Year Plan period, will accelerate the construction of roads, focus on the development of the highway network construction, by 2015 to achieve the's highway to 812 kilometers. Highway construction is a sign of the level of modernization, for 17 consecutive years ranked first in the sub provincial of  has realized high speed connecting the center and county area, one hour tour in to become a reality. 

highway plan is next, sand making machine will continue to exert its advantages, to provide high-quality aggregate for road production line. expressway construction is the peak in 2005-2007 years, 3 years Liqinglai Expressway section, section of Rong Wu high speed feeder, Rong Wu high-speed segment and that Ping speed such as highway 4 also completed, the traffic mileage of 700 kilometers, it is road construction dazzling history, the glory belongs to the wisdom of the people of  also belong to the sand machine manufacturers.In order to complete the state of highway layout in advance, the manufacturers were upgraded to the sand making machine, the introduction of Germany advanced sand technology, combined with the of sand resources, the analysis of yield and quality standard of highway aggregate, design the mechanism of sand production line of high cap efficiency.

October 26 2017


The working principle and structure

Coal is the main power plant of domestic thermal power plants, ultrafine mill power plant power required to burn the raw coal to the high degree of precision of the coal, is conducive to improving the coal in the power generation efficiency. Conventionally, according to the different speed of coal parts, the mill will be divided into high-speed, medium and low speed three different types, and in accordance with the different discs are divided into flat grinding, bowl grinding, E-grinding and roller mill Different types of medium-speed ultrafine mill due to small footprint and low energy consumption, by the power plant more widely favored, so belong to the medium-speed mill of ultra-fine pulverizer to be more widely used.

ultrafine mill working principle with the other ultrafine mill working principle is roughly the same, through the workers in the coal bucket of coal should first be sent to the ultrafine mill into the pulverized coal, and then through the conveyor belt will Pulverized coal in the hot air driven into the exhaust fan, and then into the boiler furnace combustion. Grinding stone and grinding bowl ultrafine mill main components, grinding stone and grinding bowl in the ultrafine mill running in the process of 50 ~ 300r / min relative movement, the coal with the desiccant into the ultrafine mill for grinding, The whole process of grinding coal is grinding stone and grinding bowl-based raw coal.

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October 24 2017


ultrafine mill in stone production line

In the process of milling, in order to achieve the product size of the market requirements, you can use ultrafine mill, not only reduces the wear and tear of the equipment wear problems, but also can reduce maintenance costs, the continuous operation of the production line does not affect. ultrafine mill is a closed-loop high-fine powder equipment, because it is a vertical structure, in the limestone production line covers an area of ​​very small, independent system can be completed from rough to the final packaging and a series of processes.

To sum up, we improve the production capacity and optimize the material size of two aspects of how to improve the production of 2500 mesh ultrafine limestone powder production line gives a detailed optimization program. Industry demand for building aggregate is getting higher and higher, especially in the construction industry, lime powder is also a strict requirement. We believe that ultra-fine lime powder production line will give your market development to bring a new access point, with excellent product quality access to the majority of customers agree.

October 23 2017


stability of the ultraifne mill

The safety and stability of the ultraifne mill are directly related to the whole work of the whole thermal power unit. Therefore, the choice of the pulverizer It is especially important that the pulverizer thermocouple is an important instrument for measuring ultraifne mill production data. Mill of the 'trial operation of the tile' refers to the power plant medium-speed ultraifne mill of the Ukrainian bearing in more than 60 ℃ high temperature work to maintain a stable state, not because of the bearing temperature and the export of lubricating oil temperature caused by rapid high temperature Bearing seat vibration intensified and then melt, there is the operation of the ultrafine mill in the 'tile' phenomenon.

The use of pulverizer thermocouple can be relatively accurate measurement of the operating parameters of the ultraifne mill, is conducive to the production and maintenance of ore ultraifne milling equipment. In the selection process, the fineness of pulverized coal grinding is also related to the quality of the power generation combustion of the power plant. Pulverized coal in the grinding machine to complete the work of grinding, the machine will be hot air blown into the boiler for full combustion, and coal combustion in the boiler will produce hot flue gas, these hot flue gas will flow around the boiler around the heat, And then follow-up separation of coal ash. Thermal power plant with ultraifne mill for pulverized coal pulverized coal powder fineness and grinding efficiency has a very good protection, the fineness of the coal so much easier to burn in the boiler, can improve the use of coal Rate, reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.

October 20 2017


Raymond mill has been widely used

Raymond mill, a lot of lay people are relatively unfamiliar words and mechanical equipment. For Raymond mill, we can know that he is fine grinding, the scope of application is very wide, and there are many different classification, the formation of different Raymond mill specifications, but also because of its meticulous classification to adapt to the development of various industries , Making it the benchmark within the industry, by the mechanical industry who praise and love.

So, the following for Raymond mill series, we have a detailed understanding, while understanding the issue of Raymond mill models. We all know that Raymond mill has been widely used, with its wide range of applications are closely related, and this, making Raymond more stringent subdivision, Raymond mill series will have more more comprehensive The specification model.

So, below we understand the basic problems of Raymond mill to understand the division of its specifications. First of all, we often say Raymond mill series also known as the industry Raymond mill, the English full name Raymondmill.

October 19 2017


wet material ultrafine mill for sale

Ultrafine mill can be a variety of humidity ore treatment, there is no bonding, blocking material phenomenon. So ultrafine mill is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, chemical and other industries, grinding a variety of hardness, a variety of humidity ore and other materials.

We provide various types of wet material grinder and semi-wet material grinder, also provides professional process design for customers to develop suitable for processing materials, machinery and equipment to meet customer demand for various production, fineness.

Our wet material ultrafine mill is optimized on the original star equipment, which inherits the advantages of ordinary grinder, while dealing with wet materials have unparalleled superiority. It has two kinds of dry and wet processing methods, customers can choose according to different humidity materials suitable models. It uses the European first-class milling technology and design concept, after our professional engineers continue to upgrade the technology, made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, stable operation, large output, and have a longer life.

We provide a full range of after-sales service, send professional engineers to the site to guide the installation, commissioning, and training for the operator operators. We have offices everywhere, all kinds of accessories can be quickly available to customers, reduce downtime.

October 18 2017


Performance and Market Application of Raymond mill

With the continuous development of social economy, infrastructure construction is also more and more need to use gravel. Natural sand and gravel after a lot of exploitation has been insufficient to meet the needs of daytime expansion of raw materials, and the exploitation of natural gravel on the environment is also very serious damage.

At this time, to mill a great solution to this problem, how can I choose a suitable for their own easy to use Raymond mill? Here and Xiaobian together to see milling machine manufacturers screening method. The use of milling machine to help the industry believe that many people know that milling machine efficient operation so that many broken manufacturers choose its root causes.

The use of three-dimensional structure of the mill covers an area of ​​small, complete sets of strong, from the block to the finished product powder from a separate production system; electrical system using centralized control, milling workshop can be basically no homework, and easy maintenance The milling machine dust pollution filial low noise; the use of electromagnetic vibration feeder to feed evenly, easy to adjust, small size, light weight, fuel efficient, easy maintenance; finished powder fineness uniformity, through the screen rate of 99% Is the other milling equipment is difficult to have; milling machine transmission device with a closed gear box and pulley, smooth transmission, reliable operation.

October 17 2017


construction waste generated to solve problem

In recent years, the Shanghai River in eighteen construction projects carried out like a raging fire, the building site of residual concrete, construction debris such as many as millions of tons of construction waste. 

At the same time, a plurality of village in the city this year in Shanghai city high tech Development Zone is also taken in the development, how to deal with these large amounts of construction waste crusher, to achieve recycling, and the introduction of investment of construction garbage crusher for crushing production of recycled aggregate. 

Building garbage realized the construction waste resource, harmless, reduction of economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits in the process.Jaw type mobile crushing station is one of the most new construction waste crusher, powerful jaw crusher, which greatly improves the jaw type mobile crushing station function, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, materials processing, such as hydropower often require the removal operation, construction waste processing, construction waste crushing; highway, railway construction; hydropower station and other large projects are used in crusher. 

October 16 2017


construction waste disposal highlights

At present, the domestic crusher can not meet the construction waste as broken, broken cars, solid waste disposal requirements, and a large number of construction waste and the urgent need for processing and then recycling. In this case, the Shanghai World Bank in response to the scientific concept of development requirements, combined with the technical advantages of construction waste crusher and the company’s production experience in the production of garbage with a good deal with the above problems.

The company in the introduction of international advanced crushing technology under the premise of their own production experience with the production of the impact crusher in the field of construction waste has a wide range of applications. Due to the advanced technical support, the price of the imported crusher is higher than that of the traditional crushing machine, but the technical advantage is unmatched by other crushers.

September 14 2017


characteristics in the process of work

In addition, need to pay attention to the following matters portable crusher plant in impact in production to ensure the safety and smooth: 

1 check before driving vortex chamber observation door is closed, to prevent the material from the whirl cavity observation door out of danger; 
2 check the impeller rotation direction, the clockwise rotation, otherwise should adjust the motor wiring; 
3 feed particles in strict accordance with the requirements, the prohibition of more than a specified material enters the crusher; 
4 discharging equipment to stop, should promptly stop feeding; 
portable crusher plant operation process, there shall be no violent vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, it should stop checking; lubricating 
6 Machine for dry oil lubrication.

There are the following characteristics in the process of work: 
1, simple structure, low cost and; 
2, high efficiency and energy saving, high efficiency; 
3, product is a cube, iron pollution is small; 
4, through the broken material ability, moisture of material by the impact of small, water content of up to 8%; 
5, has finely, coarse grinding function; 
6, operation and maintenance, convenient installation. 

September 13 2017


promote the graphite fine grinding industry

The xzm ultrafine mill and the ultrafine of the principle of some similar crusher, so for graphite and other brittle materials, broken powder effect is very good. Because of the high chemical stability of graphite, good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and low permeability, graphite can be used as refractory material, conductive material, lubricating material, metallurgical material and so on. Production of pencil lead, paint, polishing agent.

Especially in the lubrication, the high fineness of the graphite powder can make parts in the 200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature, high speed sliding, many large equipment widely used graphite material made of piston cups, seals and bearings, its durability and smooth Sex is greatly increased. With the ultrafine of graphite fineness on its hardness, ultrafine mill in the graphite industry more and more popular.

Which Shanghai Shi Bang's ultrafine mill also improved the traditional process for the vertical shaft to replace the more wear-resistant alloy, greatly improving the service life of the equipment and finished grinding fineness. Unique hydraulic control system can be very good on the angle and speed of the shaft to adjust, and with a protective device, when the roll over or below the limits of the set range, the automatic alarm and self-stop grinding to ensure that safe operation.

In addition, the state of the ultrafine mill in the production can be automatically separated from the mixture of materials, improve the purity of the material, and the use of the most advanced dust control system to control dust emissions, graphite production to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly, Welcome the direction of development.

September 12 2017


consider the configuration of the relevant

1. First of all to their own understanding of the actual situation of the mine, and then go to the relevant equipment to find relevant information. At present, there are many manufacturers on the Raymond mill market , you can look at the field of mill manufacturers, its size, strength, reputation and the use of customer feedback and so do a comprehensive understanding.

2. should be based on the actual situation of their mines and planning to select the appropriate equipment, as well as consider the configuration of the relevant ancillary equipment. Quarry crusher can customize a reasonable milling program for you.

3. Milling machine equipment supplier supply capacity and timeliness, as well as the purchase contract has no detailed instructions, including equipment transport, installation, sale and other terms of service.

According to the above points, after the study of the customer selection is Zibo centrifugal ultrafine mill, the machine has a unique working principle, can make the material completely, completely crushed. With high fineness, high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency advantages. Hope that these experiences will help you choose the right equipment.

September 05 2017


multi-stage ore milling equipment

Coal is the main power plant in the domestic power generation base material, the fan ore milling equipment can crush the briquettes, effectively improve the large thermal power plant coal efficiency. Power mill pulverizer in accordance with the high and low speed of coal parts, put the power plant boiler mill into three different types, fan-type pulverizer is a high-speed ore milling equipment of this category. 

Fan-type multi-stage ore milling equipment working principle, that is, the workers will be the first coal to the coal into the ore milling equipment into the pulverized coal, and then through the conveyor belt will be driven by hot air into the exhaust fan , And then into the boiler furnace burning. Among them, because the fan mill structure with the fan, the impeller speed up to 750 ~ 1500r / min, fan-type multi-stage ore milling equipment running, the coal with the desiccant into the fan-type pulverizer for grinding, the entire process of coal Is the impeller hit the original coal-based crushing. 

Because the characteristics of the fan-type multi-stage ore milling equipment is focused on the traditional thermal power plant mill line drying, crushing, conveying three functions in the production process does not need to increase the fan to carry out additional pulverized coal transportation, effectively saving the energy consumption of manufacturing , But also reduce the input of the equipment, the operation can be based on coal-fired water to adjust the proportion of hot stove, cold smoke and hot air for the dry coal, with a good explosion-proof effect, so fan-type multi-stage ore milling equipment also Many thermal power plants are widely used. 

August 15 2017


Basic preparation technology of milling equipment

In the coal-fired power plant of the thermal power plant, the coal-water slurry pulverizer is one of the important basic equipments, and its safety and stability are directly related to the whole work of the whole thermal power unit. Therefore, the coal-water slurry pulverizer Before the use of quality testing must be carried out, it is necessary to verify the load during the test can achieve the 'trial delivery of the tile' quality.

The coal-to-coal pulverized ore milling equipment is a ' Resulting in increased vibration at the bearing seat and then melt, there coal-coal pulverizer in the operation of the 'tile' phenomenon. Only coal-water slurry ore milling equipment 'trial operation of the tile', in order to allow the entire fire power unit safe operation In addition, the CWS mill in the operation process, the first step grinding out the coal is very important , The fine degree of the relationship between the subsequent production of coal-water slurry, as well as the quality of coal-fired power plant combustion, while the grinding mill grinding efficiency and fine degree has a good guarantee, then easier to coal in the boiler full Combustion, but also improve the utilization of coal, reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.

August 14 2017


the low-speed coal mill work

Double inlet and double is an important equipment in coal-fired units of thermal ore milling equipment. The safety and stability of operation are directly related to the whole work of the whole thermal power unit. Therefore, Must be carried out quality testing, which should be verified during the trial operation of the load, double into the double out of the coal mill function to achieve 'trial delivery of the tile' quality.

Double into the double out of the mill's 'trial delivery of the tile' refers to the thermal ore milling equipment of the Ukrainian bearing in more than 60 ℃ high temperature work to maintain a stable state, not because the bearing temperature and export lubricants temperature fast High temperature and lead to vibration at the bearing seat and then melt, then double into the double mill operation of the 'tile' phenomenon.

Only double into the double out of the coal mill 'trial delivery of the tile' in order to allow the entire thermal power unit safe operation In addition, low-speed coal mill in the course of work, the fine grinding of coal powder is also related to the ore milling equipment power combustion The quality of the. Generally after the low-speed coal mill to complete the pulverized coal mill, the use of hot air in the drum drying of coal, after the separation of the separator into the burner for combustion and heating. Because the structure of low-speed coal mill is very large, grinding the type of coal, so it is also widely used in thermal ore milling equipment power generation.

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